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Beacon Tracking Receiver

Model No. 1) BR23-L 2) 3430-L

A Beacon Tracking Receiver for antenna step tracking and automatic uplink power control.

    1. Wide bandwidth, 930 to 2300 MHz standard.
    2. Digital level reference setting, -40 to -100 dBm on 0.5 dB steps.
    3. Rs - 232 / 422 / 485 and Standard.

The output of the Beacon Receiver is a DC voltage proportional to the input signal level to facilitate both antenna tracking control and automatic power control. A Loss of Carrier indicator is provided in the event the tracking signal is lost. Form "C" relay contacts provide an external Loss of Carrier Alarm. A front panel VFD displays operating frequency, relative signal level, carrier lock or alarm, and input level.

Input Frequency 930 - 2300 MHz
Input Level -40 to -100 dBm typical
Level Adjust 9Digital, 0.5 dB steps
Level Accuracy ±0.4 dB per step
±4 dB over entire range
Tracking Slope 0.5 V / dB
Tracking Linearity ±0.25 dB
Frequency Selection 10 kHz steps
Min. input level for Lock -110 dBm
Input Connector Type “N” Female, 50 ohm*
Threshold 4 dB C / N for acquisition
< 1 dB C / N for carrier lock
Tracking Response 0 to +10 VDC over 20 dB input range standard other ranges optional****
Alarms Form-C relay contacts
AFC ±25 kHz**
Noise Bandwidth 50 kHz
M&C RS-232 or RS-422 / 485
Continuous Data Streaming option / streaming signal strength output via a dedicated RS-232 DB 9 connector
M&C Connector DB-9 Female
Output Connector Modular socket & plug
Dimensions 1 RU, 19 "x 16" x 1.75
Prime Input Power 90-260 VAC, 47-63 Hz, auto-sensing, 45 Watts max
LNB Power +24 Volts @ 1 Amp available on center conductorSelectable In / Out***


    1. O Standard AFC and Standard 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter.
    2. A No AFC – Use for tracking Wide Data Carriers. Standard 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter.
    3. S No AFC and No 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter.
    4. T No 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter. Standard AFC.


    1. O 50 kHz pre-detection bandwidth.
    2. 5 No 0.4 Hz output smoothing filter. Standard AFC.

Input Connector on Rear of BTR

  1. N 50 ohm N female connector.
  2. B 50 ohm BNC female connector.
  3. Q 50 ohm TNC female connector.
  4. S 50 ohm SMA female connector.


  1. RS-232.
  2. RS-422 / 485.
  3. Optional Continuous Data Streaming.

Antenna System Configuration Block Diagram




The Satellite Systems line of Antenna control systems uses a single speed brushless resolver for accurate position feedback of the antenna.

Frequency 5 KHz
Input Voltage 7.0 Vrms
Input Current 10.9 ma maximum
Rotational Accuracy ± 3 arc minutes
Transformation Ratio 0.95:1
Type Control Transmitter
Shaft size 0.120 "diameter x 0.500" length
Shaft loading 2 lbs. Maximum 1 lbs. maximum
Radial Axial
Bearing life 2 Billion revolutions minimum at maximum shaft load
Moment of inertia 0.51 x 10^-4 oz-in-sec^2
Weight (not including mounting hardware) 0.25 lbs
Overall size (not including mounting hardware and cover) 1.1 "dia, 1.6" length
Operating temperature -20° C to +125° C
Shock 50 G's for 11 mSec
Vibration 15 G's to 2,000 Hz

Antenna System Configuration Block Diagram



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