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Malibu Antenna specializes in the sales, installation and support of satellite antennas and antenna control systems and support hardware. We also offer antennas from 1.8 Meters to 20 Meters in multiple configurations. Additionally, Malibu Antenna excels in providing pre sales consultation backed up by post sale support along with providing intelligent integration and hardware solutions.


Earth Station Antennas(1.8 Meters)

Antenna Accessory
  1. Motorization Kits
  2. Limit Switches
  3. Inclined orbit tracking controller
  4. ODU Support Kits
  5. Factory Feed System Testing and Documentation
  6. Export Packaging
  7. Foundation Kit
  8. Lightning Rod Kit
  9. Grounding Kit
  10. Cable-Mounting Kit
  11. Major Subsystem Spare Part Kits
  12. Anti-icing and Deicing
  1. Meets or Exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements
  2. Ring Focus
  3. High G / T, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
  4. Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Ground Mount Assembly
  5. C-band Antenna Operating in 800MHz Bandwidth
  6. 2-port, 3-port or 4-port Linear / Circular Feed
  7. Field Changeable Feed System, Switchable Circular to Linear C-band


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