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Trainer(a software trainee) training@Digisat.co.in

Digisat skill India pvt ltd. ( DSIPL)

DIGISAT is affiliated to satellite corporation USA, who is a leader in design, R & D, Manufacture & technical faculty support in satcom products.


Well-Equipped Laboratory & Internet Facility.
Highly Qualified Faculties in the field of SATCOM.
Guest Lectures from Industries.
More Emphasis on Practical Training.


Understanding orbital parameters.
Understand satellites subsystems and its launching.
Understanding modern satellites system desing, multiple access, modulation and coding schemes.
Understand propagation aspects and antennas.
Link Budget Design for different applications.
Theoretical and practical understanding of earth station and required subsystems for various applications.
Very small aperture Terminals (VSAT) and it's various topologies.
Satellite networking and satellite communications.
Investigate the SATCOM trends.
NOCC Testing.
Understanding DSNG Concepts.


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