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Built-in features include

The ATX-3000 antenna tracking controller is a user-friendly microprocessor-based system to reliably track inclined orbit satellites:

  • Fully programmable positioner with memories for up to 99 satellites.
  • Automatic Calibration for true Azimuth and Elevation displayed in 0.01 degrees.
  • High resolution Brushless resolvers for ultimate position feedback.

Positioning Methods:

Designate: Automatically moves the antenna in each axis to one of 99 pre-stored satellite positions.

Direct Az/El: Automatically moves the antenna in each axis to the coordinates entered via the front panel.

Jog: Manually moves the antenna in each axis in response to front panel controls.

Peak: Performs a peaking algorithm on the current target.

Step Track: Automatically performs peaking algorithm in response to input signal level decreasing below a programmable minimum.

Program Track: Automatically moves the antenna in each axis along a sidereal time tagged path.

External: Moves the antenna in each axis in response to commands received through the serial port.


Accuracy: Antenna pointing accuracy within ten percent of the 3dB beamwidth.

Tracking Resolution: >0.05 degrees with properly specified position sensor.


Reference: Accepts input of linear, analog signal reference from 0 - 20 VDC. Internal op amp circuit provides pre-scaling of gain and slope of tracking reference signal. Final scaling is provided through software.

Serial Data: Accepts RS-232 or RS-485 (4-wire) data for remote monitor and control of all controller functions.

Front Panel: Large Graphic VFD displays antenna position, signal level and operating mode. Keypad provided for user inputs.

Motor Control: The rack mounted microprocessor controller is linked to any of SSC's motor control options by serial interface cable.

Prime Power (ACU): 90 - 260 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz, single-phase, auto sensing, 65 watts maximum.

Antenna Drive Units for AC Motors:

  • Solid-state variable frequencies 3 phase AC motor controllers with microprocessor motor speed management.
  • Static braking with torque at 150% of rated motor torque.
  • Variable speed control 0 to 60 Hz with constant torque.
  • Low frequency voltage boost 150% starting torque under 20% speed.
  • Local jog control and Emergency Stop switch are provided at the ADU.
  • Optional handheld remote jog control is available.
  • Two voltage configuration options: (must be specified at time of order.) 220 - 240 Volts, 47 - 63 Hz single- or three-phase prime power, 220 - 240 Volts three-phase motors.
    – OR –
    380 - 460 Volts, 47 - 63 Hz single- or three-phase prime power, 380 - 460 Volts three-phase motors.
    (A single-phase 90 - 260 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz, 45 watts maximum is also require for outdoor controls).
  • HP configuration options: 1 - 5 hp available.


  • Motors, Gear reducers, Jack screws, Limit switches, Emergency stop switches.

Beacon Receivers:

  • Designed to work in concert with SSC Model 3434 line of Beacon Tracking Receivers.


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